Smart Door Lock T1, 1 Pack

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Delivery: Jun 4, 2024 - Jun 8, 2024
VADANIA Smart Lock T1, 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Door Lock, Fingerprint Door Lock with APP Control, Touchscreen Keypad Deadbolt, Electronic Door Lock with Auto Lock for Home Hotel, Easy Installation, Black


Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt

Versatile Unlocking Options

Unlock your door using any of the 5 available methods, including 360° Fingerprint ID, App Control, Anti-peep Keypad, Fob, or Mechanical Key. Choose the method that suits your preference for hassle-free access.

Convenient App Management

Take full control of your smart door lock with the intuitive smartphone app. Generate eKeys remotely, manage up to 200 user codes, and grant access to family, friends, or guests with ease. Ideal for Airbnb hosts, landlords, or anyone who values seamless access control.

Stay Informed with Real-Time Alerts

Receive instant notifications and alerts about your Bluetooth lock’s activity directly on your smartphone. Monitor the lock event history and set automatic locking via the app for added peace of mind, even when you’re on the go.

Swift and Secure Fingerprint Recognition

Experience lightning-fast fingerprint recognition in just 0.3 seconds, with door unlocking in a mere 1 second. Plus, enjoy ultra-long battery life lasting up to a year* with minimal power consumption, coupled with a convenient low-battery reminder.

Emergency Preparedness with Type-C Option

Ensure uninterrupted access with the Type-C Emergency boot option, allowing for charging without compromising security. Simply remove the batteries for charging, ensuring your home remains protected at all times.

Fingerprint Door Lock
Package list
  • ‎1 x Outdoor lock body;
  • 1 x Indoor lock body;
  • 1 x Single latch;
  • 2 x key;
  • 2 x IC Card;
  • 1 x Mounting Screw Kit;
  • 1 x Installation Instructions
Model Selection
  • Standard(no app) : Fingerprint/password/IC card*2/ key*2 unlock
  • TUYA-Bluetooth: Fingerprint/password/IC card*2/ key*2/APP unlock

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Frequently bought together

Smart Door Lock T1, 1 Pack
Original price was: €80.63.Current price is: €56.44.
Original price was: €36.00.Current price is: €30.96.
Original price was: €23.00.Current price is: €17.20.
Original price was: €26.00.Current price is: €19.18.

Frequently bought together

Smart Door Lock T1, 1 Pack
Original price was: €80.63.Current price is: €56.44.
Original price was: €36.00.Current price is: €30.96.
Original price was: €23.00.Current price is: €17.20.
Original price was: €26.00.Current price is: €19.18.

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24 reviews for Smart Door Lock T1, 1 Pack

Based on 24 reviews
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  1. AllWriteAllKnight

    I like this lock quite a bit except for one thing. The physical key is rather short and the tumbler feels rather sloppy making me wonder how easily it could be broken or defeated. For this I must deduct 1 star. But if you are really worried about strength of security, I recommend a lock that is a premium brand anyway which will cost you many times more. The good news is, you’ll probably keep it covered up and never need to use it anyway. And why would you when you’ll fall in love with opening your door with a fingerprint scan or RFID fob.Here is an important tip for touchpad usage. Don’t tap it to try to wake it up. If you do, it may work first try or take several tries and the uncertainty will start to drive you nuts. Instead, hold your finger on there for a couple seconds until it lights up.The only issue I had with installation is that if you have a metal door like me, I think you’ll need to provide your own screw to screw into it in one spot, because I couldn’t find one included. Other similar locks I’ve installed have provided all screws needed, but then they also required me to drill an extra hole all the way through the door which is not preferable. I don’t know why they wouldn’t have included this. But this is only an issue if you have a metal door. If yours is wood, you’ll end up with extra wood screws anyway, just use one of them.This is my 4th little-known brand smart lock from Amazon and the cheapest. Yet it is my 2nd favorite, only behind the Zowill DK07, which is over double the price.What I like:1.)It has a quality appearance and seems more heavily constructed than most.2.)Keypad operation is above average for a nonphysical button type.3.)Fingerprint feature functions reliably as long as you aren’t too far off center4.)It has two setup options. Via Smartlife app (via bluetooth) or manually via key entry.5.)App control for unlock within bluetooth range. Nice for unlocking from the driveway in hard rain. I’ve only tested it from about 30 feet from inside my vehicle, but it did work.What could be better:1.)Physical key is rather short and key tumbler feels pretty sloppy. I don’t use it anyway, but wonder how easy it might be to pick or break2.)It does not have the option to control it when away from home. The lock only is able to communicate with the app via bluetooth, not wifi. This means no unlocking for someone away from home or adding/removing codes while not at home. But you know what, although I liked that idea, I never used it anyway. Instead, you might consider making spare codes to give out under emergency and just deleting them later on in person.

  2. Algesoft

    Who hasn¡¯t wanted a key fob to get into your front door! This Smart lock is great! I love that it has a key option and also a fob option. You can also do a code! The design is very modern and sleek the quality you can tell is a high-quality. The lock itself is pretty heavy in your hand, we are adding an exterior door to our home for a rental and we were excited to put this lock on the front door. Our door is running late so we haven¡¯t had a chance to install it yet but we will post a new video once it¡¯s installed.

  3. lex

    I am on my 4th smart lock in as many years since our front door is south-facing and with the added storm door, our smart locks do not last long. In late fall and winter, the sun hits the door perfectly to heat the lock significantly and most touchpads cannot take the high temperatures for long before failing.When I saw that this smart lock stated an operating temperature of up to 158F, I wanted to give it a try. So far there have been no issues when it heats up, no attempt to open or close itself, and no malfunctioning of the touchpad, everything just works perfectly.Pros:? Quick and easy installation. Just make sure that set the lock to open left or right before you start programming it.? Compared to other smart locks, the programming is very simple. Just press 1 then # and follow the voice instructions.? More substantial cards than the previous ones I had.? Easy to activate and deactivate voice prompts.Cons:? The keys are short, and I am not sure what impact this has on safety.? The app can only connect to the lock via Bluetooth which means you can only change settings in the app while you are in Bluetooth reach of the lock. In addition, if you decide to unbind the lock from the app, it factory resets the lock and the lock has to be set up again.? It seems that you can only activate the auto-lock function and delete a single user in the app, but not manually on the lock.Overall, I am pleased that this lock seems to have a higher operating temperature than my previous ones. However, since certain functions are for this lock only available in the app and the keys are not a standard size, I have to take off one star.

  4. Jerry

    This basic smart lock may be affordable, but it offers multiple entry options and meets all the basic expectations for a lock of this type.Let me preface by saying that this lock works whether you have a door that opens to the left or right. You just need to make a small configuration change at the end of the installation if it’s not reading the correct position. The instructions are designed for left-hand doors, but you just need to adjust the locking mechanism to ensure correctness before finalizing the installation. I found the instructions relatively clear due to the provided pictures. However, there are a few steps that required careful consideration and observation of the locking mechanism. For left-hand doors, it’s important that you install it with the deadbolt tucked inside. At the end, turning the lock left extends the deadbolt, and turning the lock back vertically retracts it. Once batteries are installed, if the smart lock indicates it’s locked in the wrong position, you just have to hold the black button at the bottom-left corner for 5 seconds to reset it.The initial setup after installing the batteries is relatively simple. The instructions state that pressing 1 + # buttons allows you to set up your first admin using a fingerprint, key card, or passcode. The first three inputs are considered admins. I used the Tuya app to add other unlocking methods, including passcodes. Please be wary of the bottom-right switch on the lock that toggles between red and green. This is not well-documented in the instructions. When turned to red, only admin unlocking methods will work on the door. As for how the Tuya app works with the lock, it connects via Bluetooth. That means you need to be near the lock to manage and receive notifications. This makes notifications and most management options somewhat useless when you’re away. Some other annoyances that I’ve noticed include the touchpad being unresponsive. You may have to press it multiple times for the keypad to activate. Additionally, I’ve also experienced some failed reads on the provided IC cards.Currently priced at $50, this smart lock is cheaper than most similar products on Amazon. If you’re looking for a smart lock that covers the basics, it’s hard to find one better at this price point. However, for people who need WiFi integration and remote management, you should explore more expensive smart lock options. Based on the price, I recommend this product to some people.Overall, while lacking remote management via WiFi and being a bit finicky at times, this remains a solid smart lock, especially at this price point.

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